What I Do…

As a passionate lover of Italy, I have learned much from my travels to bella Italia. As a result, I am currently working on online courses that will consist of short, informative videos about each of Italy’s 20 regions. These videos will address the history, culture, food, and wine, and interesting tidbits that make each area so special. These courses will give a preparatory launching pad for those planning a trip or for those who love to armchair travel.
I also greatly enjoy staying in various types of lodgings, from agriturismos to hotels, residences, and B&B’s. Finding and noting the best restaurants, local family-run trattorias, and the best authentic aperitivo/antipasto is also high on my list. And how better to discover these wonderful places then by awesome local tour guides whom I will also recommend. They are a wealth of information and are happy to share with you the local artisans to see, things to do, the best gelato, food, and wine.
Of course, there is more, but you will find a current and continuously updated list of the best of Italy right here. I hope you will come back often so you don’t miss the newest recommendations on Timeless Italy Travels.
Fino a quando ci incontriamo di nuovo (until we meet again),