A Charming Doorway in Puglia

As I was looking through some photos of Italy this morning, I found myself completely enjoying this particular one. It is a photo of a doorway to a home in Polignano a’Mare on the Adriatic coast of Puglia. What struck me about it initially was the creamy white color of the exterior and street that gave it such a clean appearance. Everything is swept clean. Looking closer I began to notice a few more things about it.



Around the doorway is the outline of a former arch made of brick. Apparently, the wall was filled in and this doorway added at a much later date. Lacy white curtains cover the glass door panels and give it a very homey and feminine touch. Outside, a potted bougainvillea with cherry-red blooms climbs up the wall next to the door. Geraniums create a little entrance around the doorway and a small black bicycle stands ready for a quick errand.

Above the door is a garden balcony that intrigued me. Two white chairs sit side by side with their backs turned against the street. It seemed as if those who live here wished to enjoy the ambience of their home and keep the outside world behind them. Or possibly this is an attempt to expand their living space. I passed on by with a real appreciation for the loving care and creativity that was so carefully accomplished.

Do you feel this kind of pride about your home? On your travels, have you ever been impressed or intrigued by the outside of a home or building? Please feel free to share.

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