The Street Markets of Naples

Napoli is a maze of narrow cobbled streets that would challenge any map guru. But if you are bold enough to let yourself get lost for a short time, the hubbub of the early morning street markets will most certainly entertain you. Fish mongers energetically display their fresh catch of the day while the shopkeeper next to him fiddles with purses, scarves, souvenirs, and various odds and ends. The magic is in your bargaining techniques and the ability to walk away. Most often you will be called back and your offer accepted. Shoes and wallets, watches and toys, clothing and umbrellas. The list is endless.

These photos I randomly took one morning as I made my way through tight winding streets with vendors setting up their products to sell.The smell of bakeries turning out croissants and rolls came and went on the cool morning air. Napoli was waking up, and about to begin its daily commotion, some would say craziness, of another day.

Setting up a fish market

Fish market display


More yet….the display grows larger

No shortage of food items

Prosciutto in a store window

What a ham! Silly face…..

Fruits and veggies

Three cans of vino rosso for a euro! Unbelievable…..wonder how it tastes….

Sunglasses and you name it’s



Craw dads? Not sure, but fascinating!

The markets are colorful, varied and bargainville. After working your way down a maze or two, stop at a shop for pizza, Napoli style. A simply unforgettable delight.

What else did I find in these narrow medieval mazes? Hard to believe, but true.
More to come, so stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “The Street Markets of Naples

  • Love traveling along with you and taking in the sites. I can almost hear the commotion and feel the energies of the people setting up and those walking through browsing. Thank you for sharing.


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